Bodywork for your best friend

Who Am I

My name is Kendra McMillan. I have a life long love for all animals. But back in the 1980’s when I went to college there were few careers with animals aside from Veterinarians, Vet Technicians, or Zookeepers. So I contented myself by filling my house with cats and eventually buying my horse Espirita.

I have received benefit from various kinds of body work for years and these touch therapies have helped me with chronic pain when the medical community could only offer medications or no help at all.

I discovered that bodywork was available for animals through a therapist who performed acupressure and massage on Espirita and knew I had found the next path on my journey through life. I was excited to know it was possible for me learn and help the animals I love so much.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology and truly understand the value of science and medicine. But I also know that there are things beyond to scope of traditional medicine that can be beneficial to our well being.

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamed of in your Philosophies." William Shakespeare


I have a Certificate from Chicago School of Canine Massage constituting 100 hours of course time and 4 5-week long case studies and coursework and a certificate in Animal Acupressure constituting 200 hours of study, 2 week-long in person study, and case studies. I am eager to continue learning and expand my knowledge and broaden my skills to include post-surgical and lymphatic massage.

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